Spring 2018 Travel Soccer registration will be closing on October 23rd. Register Now!! This is a travel league for players born 1999 – 2009 (U9-U19).

Due to unforeseen circumstances, MYSC has had to change the previously scheduled tryout dates. Please see the new schedule below. Please contact the President if you are unable to make the new dates. There will be no try-outs for U14-U19 at this time.

Tryouts for team placement will be held on October 24th and 25th, at Bombardier Field (see schedule below).


U10 (2008-2009) & U12 (2006-2007) Girls: Tuesday, October 24th, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.
U10 (2008-2009) & U12 (2006-2007) Boys: Wednesday, October 25th, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

U8 Recreation Program players who wish to play up to the U10 Travel Program must attend the appropriate tryout and be evaluated with the U10 cohort.

Rain Date: Thursday, October 26th, from 4:30 to 6:00 pm.

Please note if your player desires to “play up” to the next age level, i.e. U8 wanting to play up to U10, or U10 wanting to play U12, they must attend the tryout and you must notify us of your player’s intent by emailing All decisions to “play up” will be made at the discretion of the board.

MYSC follows the U.S. Youth Soccer playing up guidelines. Playing up is only recommended in special cases, using the guidelines below. The decision to play up, if granted, is allowed in increments of one year, with a review at the end of each year. The player must be above average in all areas of the game of soccer to the point that playing up is necessary and beneficial to the player’s personal soccer development.Players will only be considered for playing up if roster sizes allow.

MYSC Playing-up Policy

If MYS is considering moving a player up then several questions need to be

  1. Is the player dominant in his/her own age group?
  2. Is the player physically capable of playing with and against older kids?  Player  should be athletically and physically mature enough for the higher age.  Some players’ technical and tactical ability help them dominate their own age group, but  they might not be physically able to cope with the stronger, faster, older players.
  3. Is the player socially capable of playing with and against older kids?
  4. Is the player emotionally capable of playing with and against older kids?
  5. Is the player tactically aware enough to play at a higher level of competition?
  6. Does the player have the ball skills to play at a faster and more physically challenging level of play? Player should be a regular starter if placed on an “Up” team.  If the player is not going to get the same amount of play time playing up as they would in their natural age group then that player will not benefit and may regress.
  7. Does the player want to make this a permanent move, leaving behind teammates and friends?
  8. Is this what the player’s parents want for the child?
  9. What will happen to the player in the older age group who will be displaced by the younger player moving up?