BAILEY MEMORIAL JAMBOREE: The Milton Yellowjackets U10 Girls and Warriors U12 Girls, two separate teams, played in the Solon & Liam Bailey Memorial Jamboree on Saturday September 23rd. This is a jamboree run by Capital Soccer Club in Stowe. The U10 Yellowjackets played in the “grades 3 and 4” bracket, which can include U12 players, and the U12 Warriors played in the “grades 5 and 6” bracket, which can include U14 players. For the Yellowjackets this jamboree was significant. We’re more than a month into the fall season but these were their first games against other town teams. They had seven players, no subs, for a solid two hours of games. They played with their characteristic intensity. There were some tears by the end of the day. One of them had feet hurting from her cleats. Another of them really really really wanted to play in goal but couldn’t fit a little finger brace into the keeper gloves. (She ended up tossing the gloves aside and playing in goal with bare hands.) This day felt ultimately like a validation that we’re on the right track, and we’re looking forward to the rest of the season. The Yellowjackets tourney team was comprised of Lily Battistoni, Caitlyn Fortier, Callie Fougere, Annie Hoffmeister, Sarah Kimball, Taylor Shappy, and Molly St. Amand. For the Warriors this was like a day of one-armed push-ups. They were challenged by changing positions and subbing different from what they’re used to, and the absence of a pervasive coaching theme. Despite this, they didn’t feel structurally outmatched until their fourth and final game, against a division 1 Colchester group, and this final game felt like it could have been within their reach in a regular game context with preparation and focus. We need through balls, and to grow the little individual movements that realize possession, and stronger defending in our defensive third, and we’ll return to these things next weekend. The Warriors tourney team was comprised of Reagan Beaudette, Maddison Beaupre, Arianna Begnoche, Marlie Bushey, Mya Forkey, Allie Hoffman, Mckenna LaBarge, Holley MacLellan, Lila Martin, Kendalyn Mason, Savannah Monahan, Lucy Spaulding, Grace Williams, and Kyen Yoder.